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Riveting with Nail Head Rivets
Instructor: Aisha Formanski
Technique(s): Metalwork
Level: All Levels
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Riveting is a technique used to connect components together without the use of solder. In this 24 minute class, you will learn to rivet using nail head rivets. Instructor Aisha Formanski will teach you simple steps to help you rivet successfully every time. Riveting is an easy way to mix metals, shapes, and add embellishments to your jewelry. Cold connections made with rivets can be fun and functional! The best part is that riveting requires only a few tools and materials.

This class has a run time of 24 minutes.

I almost didn't watch this video because I had watched the other riveting videos, but I am glad that I did. I highly recommend all of the riveting vids on this website because each one is unique and different. I learned little important tidbits of information from all of them. Sometimes just a few seconds of information is worth watching the whole video instead of spending hours of frustration in the work studio. I loved the way she explained the idea of measuring one half of a millimeter by using the templates that she made. Brilliant idea! Thanks a million. Aloha, :)
Bobbie aka: Rogue Perfumer