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Rocker Chic

This is a fun project that is sure to please even the toughest critic...literally...tough. Take a handful of cogs and blanks and connect em' using our handy nuts and bolts and there you go! Tough rocker chic necklace.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. When using the nuts and bolts, first create a hole with the hole punch pliers in both pieces you would like to connect.
  2. Second, attach pieces with nuts and bolts tightening with the hex wrenches.
  3. You will notice the bolt then needs to be trimmed. Use your fat daddy cutters to cut right above the nut, leaving just a tad to flatten out. Be sure not to use your other cutters...you don't want to ruin them!
  4. You can now flatten out any rough edges with the riveting hammer. This also ensures that the nut won't un-thread itself. Then follow up with the emery sticks to make it nice and smooth.

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