Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
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Snowman & Hat Christmas Ornament / Gift Tag Metal Stamped DIY

Well then, let's get started! Snowmen (or snow people!) are a favorite during the winter season so why not build one that won't melt? Use any metal stamps you have to create your own unique design OR if you'd like to build this one, see our list of tools and materials below. 

TIP: Double this cute snowman ornament or home decor as a gift tag!

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. The top jump ring will attach to the hat. When planning the placement for the hat, make sure that it's placed in such a way that your snowman will hang straight from that top jump ring. In our sample, we placed the hat so that it was off to the side a bit but the jump ring could still attach to the corner to allow the snowman to hang straight.

  2. For the hat, trim the rectangle blank so it fits with the square blank proportionally.

  3. We stamped the snowmans head first, then added the hat. The one mistake we made is we placed the face a little high and ended up covering one of the eyes a bit. It's not too bad but keep this in mind when stamping the face.

  4. Mark a spot on the aluminum blanks for your jump rings and on the copper square and rectangle to punch your holes for the rivet.

  5. We put the nail head end of the rivet on the back and then stacked the cirlce first, then the square, then the rectangle then trimmed the rivet and riveted down from the front. Make sure everything is in it's exact proper placement before "setting" the rivet.

  6. Here is a video on how to rivet with Nail Head Rivets.

  7. After the hat is all put together, mark and punch the holes for the top jump ring and for the connecting jump rings.

  8. Stamp the circle blanks to build your snowman and don't be afraid to be creative. We used the letter "V" from our Kismet Metal Letter Set to make the nose! Use any color(s) you like to fill in the stamped impressions. We used a black Industrial Sharpie Marker. Remove excess ink using a paper towel, steel wool or Pro Polish Pads.

  9. Add the jump rings to put it all together. 


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