Solder Necklace DIY
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Chevron Necklace Solder DIY

Our solderables are tiny but stacked together, like these chevrons, they make a big statement! They also look fabulous when used one at a time. They turn a plain blank into a unique handmade piece. Give it a try. You will love it.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. The following free classes are perfect for safety tips as well as instructions: Setting up for Soldering at Home, Butane Torch SafetySimple Soldered Pendants, and Stamping on Metal

  2. Before you begin to solder any of the pieces, be sure to stamp out any of your phrases, and or designs.

  3. To solder, use the instructions laid out in Simple Soldered Pendants as well as the Using Solderable Accents.

  4. TIP: We laid out the chevrons on the blank first and marked the outline with a thin sharpie. Remove the chevrons and apply the solder paste all at once on the rectangle base vs. on each individual chevron. Make sure not to go outside the sharpie border. Line up the chevrons. We found it useful to hold the torch in the less dominate hand and a solder pick in the dominant hand. This allows you more control with the solder pick to adjust any pieces that may move out of place while soldering. Remember...practice makes perfect!

  5. Polish away any firescale with Penny Brite or throw your pieces into a pickle pot with a pickling compound (remember only use copper tongs).

  6. To create a high shine polish check out Joe Silvera's FREE class: Polishing with Power Tools 

  7. Use the Hole Punch Plier with your blanks and attach a jump ring and chain


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