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Hey Chickadee

Did you know you can transfer the pattern on the Brass Sheet onto your blanks?! It's super easy. It's one of those techniques that make you say "WOW, it's THAT easy?!"

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. SAFETY FIRST! These two free classes are short but filled with necessary information for anyone using a torch. Butane Torch Safety, and Setting Up For Soldering at Home with Joe Silvera.

  2. Anneal all of your blanks. Annealing ensures the metal is dead soft and easier to transfer the texture of the patterned sheet. To do this, mark each piece with a sharpie pen. Place all of your blanks in the annealing and soldering pan, sharpie side facing up. Using a steady back and forth motion, allow the torch to heat your blanks until the sharpie mark dissappears. It should heat to a dull glow. Using tweezers place the blanks in the water filled quench cup

  3. Take a piece of masking tape and tape down your blanks on top of the patterned sheet. Place the sheet on top of the bench block with the blanks on top. Use the 2 Pound Brass head Mallet and hit each blank dozens of times. It will seem excessive, but it's not. You want to make sure you hit every portion of the blank with a firm even strike every time. Untape to reveal the pattern.

  4. Add jump rings, chain and clasp. Note: We took advantage of the firescale that occured while annealing the blanks which gives it the oxidized finish. To bring out more contrast in the pattern, take a Pro-Polish Pad to the surface of the blanks. This will shine up the surface leaving the impressions you created darker.


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