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Money Clip

Trying to think of the perfect gift for someone who has everything? Check out our handmade money clips! This project is a great way to create a personal accessory for the man in your life, and will go with him wherever he goes! You can stamp one side or both to create the perfect keepsake that is sturdy enough for everyday use. 

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. We made these 2 samples from our 6" x1" bracelet blanks. Feel free to trim these, using scissor shears, a bit shorter if you want to make a smaller money clip.
  2. Take the Fat Daddy Cutters and trim all four corners of the blank at an angle. Try to cut them all at a similar angle and the same amount. Then file the edges so there are no sharp points.
  3. Envision this bracelet blank as having two different sections. One half section is the front, and the other will be the back. Stamp both sections of the blank. Keep away from the center portion as anything stamped here will likely become distorted when the piece is bent in half.
  4. Oxidize and polish the blank. It is easiest to clean the blank while it is flat and unfolded.
  5. Place the Wubbers Medium Bail Making Pliers on the end of the "front" side of your clip. Grab the full length of the edge and roll the edge up to give it an open, finished look. We rolled the metal around the larger side of the tool. Then grab the blank at the halfway point with the larger cylindar of the plier gripping the unstamped side. With our hands we slowly bent down the two sides around the tool. It helps to do this gradually, a little at a time working with both sides to ensure the money clip gets bent equally in half. Continue bending until the two ends meet.
  6. Place a Pro Polish Pad (or a piece of thick leather) on top of the bench block and then place the money clip on top of that. With a plastic mallet, lightly hammer the rounded fold of the clip. This is work hardening the rounded joint so it will function and help the clip snap shut over the bills. Leave the pliers in the fold so you don't distort the shape while tapping with the plastic mallet.

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