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Stamped and Layered Leaf Pendant

This necklace is a fun way to hone your stamping, riveting and sawing skills. We used three layers of sheet metal to create this piece. The top layer is brass sheet metal that has been cut out to create little "windows" to the next layer. The middle layer then has an assortment of design stamps, all stamped within the different sections. And the third layer is more copper sheet that has a quote stamped on it so both the front and the back are feature elements! The whole thing is then riveted together to create a statement piece.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Start off by drawing a leaf with a 1" stem onto paper. Cut out the basic shape and the internal "window" sections of the paper leaf with scissors or an X-acto knife.
  2. Next use the paper leaf as a stencil and, with a sharpie, trace the leaf and the internal cut outs onto a piece of 24 gauge brass sheet metal.
  3. Take the jeweler's saw and cut the traced markings out. Check out our great FREE video on sawing if you need any help.
  4. Continue to cut out the two additional copper leaf layers, but without the stem or the windows. Feel free to use the metal shears or a jeweler's saw. Do not worry if the layers are off a bit. The stamping will change the shape a bit too. File the edges if there are any rough bits. We took the chasing hammer and hit the top leaf with the peen side to give it a lovely, finished texture.
  5. For the internal copper layer, place the brass leaf onto the copper piece. Trace out the "windows" with a marker so there are proper sections drawn on the copper piece. These are the places where the repetitive design stamping will go.
  6. Gather a collection of design stamps. These stamps can be letters, animals, sports, ANYTHING! Start by taking one stamp and repetitively stamping one of the marked sections. Make sure to overlap the edge of the marker a bit so the stamp bleeds underneath the top brass layer instead of stopping short of the section. Continue on with a new design stamp and a new section. Repeat this step until all the sections are stamped with various patterns. Go ahead and oxidize the stamping and polish it up.
  7. With a Sharpie, mark on the top brass layer where the rivets will go. Space the markings out evenly around the leaf. With the 1.6mm side of the screw down hole punch, punch out the holes.
  8. Take the last copper layer and stamp a quote on the back side. Be sure to center your quote in the middle of the leaf so the rivets do not get in the way of the stamping. You can see in our alternate image that we learned this the hard way!
  9. Line up the three leaf layers and mark one hole from the brass leaf onto the next copper layer. Punch that one hole and then do the same again for the last copper layer. These three layers should have one hole that intersects all of them. Take a rivet and thread it through the holes and rivet it. If you are new to riveting, watch this great FREE video on riveting.
  10. After one of the rivets is complete, start riveting the other holes. Work from one side to the other, that way the layers are less likely to get shifted out of alignment. Use the screw down hole punch and line up the one hole that is already punched through the brass layer, and then punch through the additional copper layers. After punching one hole, rivet the section and then repeat these actions. It is important to go one section and rivet at a time because when all the holes are punched, the riveting can then shift the project so the holes do not line up properly.
  11. Once all the rivets are complete take the brass stem and with the medium wrap and tap pliers, round out the stem to create a bail. Take the screw down hole punch and pierce one last hole to rivet all the layers so the bail is secure.
  12. As a final step, take a file and file the edges of the pendant. This will give the pendant a clean and crisp look.

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