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Rosebuds from the Heart
This rosebud pendant is created from our classic heart blanks! Each petal is hand formed to give the rose a very natural look. They come together to make this lovely little rosebud. Finish it off with a dapped blank that works as a bead cap.
Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Anneal all of the blanks. It is important to soften the metal so it bends easily when manipulating it.
  2. After quenching the blanks, punch holes in the bottom of the heart blanks and the center of the four petal folded flower blank.
  3. Using round nose pliers, roll the sides of the heart inwards towards the center of the blank. Try to roll this blank as tight as possible while still leaving the center open enough to fit a head pin through. Continue to bend and roll the remaining hearts to create additional petals. Form the hearts looser and looser so they will fit on top of one another.
  4. Temporarily use six inches of 24 gauge wire to string up the semi-formed petals. Start to fit them together while threaded on the wire, and form them in place. Use the chain nose pliers to tighten any gaps and "lock" the rose bud petals together.
  5. When "locked" into place, twist the wires together and feed through the four petal flower's center hole. Also feed a head pin through the rose bud's center, and four petal flower. Make a loop and wire wrap all the ends together.

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