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Chevron Pendant

This necklace is an awesome way to style yourself in a very design oriented way, with chevrons! Chevrons are so popular, and with this project you can be cutting edge with your accessories. Fine tune your stamping and soldering techniques with this beauty of a necklace.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Stamp and/or texture your rectangles.
  2. Overlap the copper and brass rectangles to form any chevron pattern you want.
  3. Mark and cut the top blank to give you the desired angle.
  4. Leave the blanks overlapped and solder them together. Get the first chevron perfect at the exact desired angle, then use it as a guide when lining up all the others. It is very important that the 3 chevrons have the same angle otherwise they won't hang right.
  5. After they have been soldered and cleaned, line them up and mark with a ruler an edge line on the outside right and left side. With the shears, cut on the line to take off the corners. File if needed.
  6. Next mark and punch the holes for the jump rings.
  7. Add jump rings and chain, then oxidize and polish to your liking.

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