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Lightning Lariat

We were able to make this necklace in a flash with our Power Punch Pliers. We simply took our Sterling Silver Thought Bubble blank and punched out a matching inner cloud with the Power Punch. If you create a hole large enough, the Sterling Silver Lightning blank can then slide on through to make this a fun lariat. You can create this with any number of shapes and sizes. As an alternative, we have a picture of a flower and a leaf which we think looks beautiful as well.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. We started by cutting off the Thought Bubble Blank's "speaking part" (or the "V") and filing it down to make the blank look like a cloud. If you opted to make the flower necklace, then we cut off the top loop on this blank and filed it down to make it nice and smooth.
  2. Next we took the Power Punch Pliers and selected a variety of punch sizes to punch into our blank for the inner cloud void. We used various punch sizes 5/32", 3/16" and 7/32" to give it a more organic feel. We marked the shape with a sharpie pen and then punched out the defined shape. Make sure you overlap your punches so that it all connects and ends up getting completely "cut" out.
  3. We then punched an additional hole into each of our blanks where we attached chain with jump rings. We used the Metal Hole Punch Pliers to make these smaller holes.
  4. If you decide to create a true lariat by making the hole large enough to have a blank pass through, then your necklace is finished! If you decide to make a necklace that does not allow a blank to pass though the pendant, then you will want to attach a clasp to your chain so you can easily get your necklace on and off.

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