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Ornate Shawl Pin

This beautiful shawl pin is a great way to test and improve your sawing skills. With a bit a of sheet metal, a jewelry saw, and a little creativity, you can make a lovely brooch of your own.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Locate a copy write free image on the Internet. Copy and paste that image into a word doc. Now, you can size the image to fit your needs. Print the image out, trim the excess paper leaving 1/2" of paper around the image. Adhere the image to the sheet metal using a glue stick. Burnish the paper down to the sheet metal using your fingers. You want to make sure the image is adhered and thoroughly burnished down.
  2. Drill a hole in all the open areas of your artwork. This is where you will thread the saw blade through to begin sawing out each section.
  3. Pierce/saw out each open section of your design.
  4. Remove the excess paper with warm water and dry your piece. Now, lightly sand both sides of the piece and the edges.
  5. Create a slight curvature to the piece by using the Nylon Bracelet Bending Pliers.
  6. For the fastening rod, you can use similar or contrasting metal, depending on your preference. We have two options pictured. One is a modern take, a brass rod which we bent the last 1" of to a 90 degree angle. And then a silver option, which we hammered out and then design stamped at the end. Either choice, we then cut the rod using the Fat Daddy Cutters to the desired length. Then filed the end down to a clean edge. You can file the end to a sharp point if you like. We kept ours dull since it is intended for large piece of knitwear.

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