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Crystal Branch Tiara

This twisted wire tiara is sure to enhance your wire working skills in no time! Great for beginners, and advanced makers alike, we think this project is a fun way to create organic shapes from wire and beads. It looks great on top of your head for a full tiara look, or tucked into a french twist on the side for a more subtle appearance.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. To begin, cut a long length of wire. We started with three feet. We then place a bead in the middle and start by twisting the bead in a neat, tight fashion.
  2. By starting in the middle you can work on either side of the middle bead. This allows you to "grow" outward with your twists.
  3. As you make branches, it will make for a fuller tiara if you have smaller branches and bundles coming from one branch. Plan to add little twists into your base branch as you go. Keep growing your twists and adding beads in an organic fashion.
  4. Once you have twisted the length of wire into a cluster of branches you can take a new piece of wire and wrap it onto your comb. You can add in beads as you wrap your cluster to the comb for added sparkle.
  5. Keep cutting three feet lengths of wire and making your twisted clusters. Continue adding them to the comb until you have filled out the comb in a fashion you are happy with.

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