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Chain Tassel Pendant

This tassel is sure to impress with its assortment of chain and ornamental stamping. Use this beauty as a necklace, a zipper pull on a handbag, or even a pull on your favorite lamp! Learn how to stamp and dap your heart out with this fun design.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Stamp to texturize your blanks, and then dap them to get your tassel tops ready.
  2. Once you have dapped the top blank as far as your Dapping Set will allow, then use your pliers, (we used a pair of Nylon Jaw Pliers because they allow you to really manipulate the blank, without marring your metal) to get the shape just right.
  3. Prep your Chain. We cut our assortment of chains into two inch pieces and oxidized the silver to give it a deep contrast against the gold chains.
  4. Take your wire and start a wire wrap. Then take the end link from each chain and thread it onto the wire. It is best to fit as much chain onto this loop as possible, and then wrap it closed. If you have more chain, do another wire wrap to accomodate the other chain sections. The alternate image demonstrates this step.
  5. With all your chain wrapped into the one loop of the wire wrap, take the other end of the wire and string it through your dapped tassel tops. You want to wrap this closed to complete your pendant, and it helps if you wrap it nice and tight.

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