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Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

We soldered, we stamped, we created our own blanks, and we even textured and oxidized! We didn't stop til we had enough. HEE HEE! See step by step instructions below.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Begin by cutting out 2 rectangles, one bigger than the other. The key is to start with a rectangle since that is an easy shape to cut out uniform and even-then you can cut off the corners to make a unique shape. Once you have your final shape, file down the edges for a clean finish.
  2. Stamp out your design on both pieces and add texture with a Chasing Hammer. Solder the pieces together. Clean with Penny Brite . Oxidize and use a #0000 piece of steel wool to remove the excess oxidation, leaving a satin finish.
  3. Create a curve in the metal by using your Nylon Jaw Bending Pliers. Punch holes in the bottom rectangle. Use as a template to line up the holes on the leather. Make another hole on the outside of the rectangle as well. You will have 4 holes total on the leather.
  4. Thread the wire through the holes about 6 times (or more) to secure the metal to the leather. Be sure to wrap the wire onto itself to create a "knot" and tuck in the ends so it doesn't poke you.

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