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Sunburst Necklace

Who's your sunshine? Let them know how they light up your life with this textured soldered pendant.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. For the "MY SUNSHINE" bar: Cut your flat wire, with the Fat Daddy cutters, into a piece that's about 1.25" and file the ends round. Create a hole on each end with the Screw Down Hole Punch and stamp out MY SUNSHINE.
  2. For the Sunburst Pendant: Check out this great free class before you start! Solder the 1/2" blank to the center of 1" blank.
  3. Pickle to clean off the fire scale. Check out this great tutorial before you start!
  4. Oxidize both pieces, the bar and the pendant, in a Liver of Sulfur solution and polish with a Pro Polish Pad. Check out this great tutorial before you start!
  5. Attach the jump rings to the bar and then to the end of the chain. Cut the chain at the half way point opposite of the bar. Using your Hole Punch Pliers, create a hole in your pendant and attach to your chain with a jump ring. Attach the remaining jump rings, one to the chain and one to connect your clasp to the chain.

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