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Angel Ornament

You can make your own ornaments this year! Use the engraver to give your pieces beautiful details. Our Anodized Aluminum is so soft, you can cut out a basic shape with shears. It's limitless! Have fun.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Draw your Angel out with your Sharpie on your Anodized Aluminum Sheet and add the details to the wings.
  2. Cut out the outline with your French Shears. Once it is all cut out you may need to use cutters to round out any sharp edges.
  3. Using the plastic mallet, hammer the back side of the pieces to make sure it is nice and flat.
  4. Engrave over all of your sharpie lines. Use the pro polish pads to clean off any excess marks.
  5. Punch holes in your angels shoulder witht he smaller side of the screw down punch. Punch holes in your wing too. Rivet the wing to the angel.
  6. Punch a hole at the top of the angel and attach a jump ring. Now its ready to hang with a ribbon on your tree or maybe in the window!

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