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Pink Leather Garden Bracelet

"Plant Your Own Garden Your Own Soul" Words to live by. Words of inspiration worn on your wrist to remind you daily of whats important. What will be your inspiration? This project is similar to a project in Lisa Niven Kelly's book, Stamped Metal Jewelry

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Using your favorite letter set and design stamps, stamp your saying and/or design.
  2. Shape the bracelet bar using the Bracelet Bending Pliers.
  3. Cut the leather, keeping in mind you'll need to add extra length for the riveted portion of the design.
  4. Using the Riveting System, create the necessary holes for your rivets and button shank.
  5. Thread the leather ends through the bracelet bar and rivet together. We used the Eyelet Flaring Set attachment with the Riveting System. Also, rivet an eyelet through the button shank hole. It's important that this rivet be a Eyelet that is flared on the back side.
  6. Make your button by stamping a pattern on a 1/2 inch blank. Use any hole punch to create the center hole. Then dap to dome the button.
  7. Cut the slit for the button with a sharp blade.
  8. Darken stamped impressons with a sharpie marker, and clean up using a pro polish pad.
  9. Attach the button by threading a strip of leather cord through the button shank eyelet. Knot on the back side, thread on your button and secure with a knot on top.

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