DIY Designs ยป Metal Stamping
Metal Stamping
Congrats Grads!
Well Aren't You A Charmer
That's a Wrap
Knot Ever Taking This Off
Birthstone Links
We All Scream for Ice Cream
Trust Your Path
Sugar Skull Crystal Earrings
Mix-It-Up Necklace
Stamped Stainless Gifts
Layered Chevrons
Secret Message
Triple Horizontal Necklace
Horizontal Rectangle Stamped Necklace
The Family Tree Branch
Leaf and Flower Garland Borders
Framed Secret Heart
Oxidized Chevron Necklace
Bangle Charm Bracelet
Chain of Names
Ladder Necklace
Money Clip
Stamped Poem Bracelet
Twisted Stacked Rings
'I give you my heart' Key Chains
The Ultimate Stamped Bracelet
Stamped Sliding Blanks for Leather
Artisan Washer Chain
Patinated Poppies
Spring Leaves
Stamped Lily Pendant
Nesting Hearts
Riveted Tell Tale Heart
Stamped Cylindrical Ring
Stamped Stackable Rings
Riveted Love Pendant
Stamped Maltese Cross
Terrarium Pendant
Stamped Crystal Washer Necklace
Enamel Monograms
Washer Prong Setting
Monogram Stamped Borders
Stamped Metal Signs
Amor Folded Banner Necklace
Riveted Bangle
Guitar Pick Bow Ties
Stamped Building Blocks
Double Sided Pendants
Crystal Arrow Earrings
Stamped Ombre Patina Necklace
Pattern and Fringe Necklace
Personalized Toggle Clasps
Leather Plaque Bracelets
Washer Setting Leather Bracelet
Riveted Plaque Band
Leaf Cascade Earrings
Rivetable Plaque Rings
Large Sugar Skull Pendant
Stamped and Layered Leaf Pendant
Beautiful Stormy Weather
Cascading Leaf Necklace
Longitude and Latitude
Football Key Chain
Assorted Blanks Necklace
Pattern Stamped Earrings
Football Jewelry
Stamped Circle Pack
Stacked Heart Pendant
What's Your Sign?
Building with Triangle Blanks
The Ultimate Stamped and Stacked Necklace
Riveted Monogram Bracelet
Rounded Circle Ring
Say It On Your Wrist, With Pattern
Stamped Washer Setting
Polka Dot Leather Cuff
Stamped Zipper Charms
Matching Monogram Necklaces
Mama Bird, Baby Bird
My Favorite Things
Stamped Star Burst Bib Necklace
Wing Pendants
Collar Stays for Dad
Machu Picchu Earrings
Chevron Pendant
Moroccan Tile Necklace
Layered Artisan Blanks
Stamped Gypsy Necklace
Riveted Knuckle Duster
Graduation Necklaces
Sterling Silver Cake Topper
Mixed Metal Mandala
Stamp on the Dotted Line
Ornate Shawl Pin
Daughters and Sons Pendant
Nesting Washers
Dapping Flowers
Starry, Starry Necklace
Stamped Alternatives
You Complete Me
Stamped Charm Bracelet
Folded Flower Frame
Lucky Star Horse Shoe
Stamp of Interest
Circle of Life Links
Stamped Bib Necklace
Copper Dome Tassel Earrings
Chain Tassel Pendant
A is for Awesome
Personalized Bridesmaids Necklaces
Folded Circle Bib Necklace
Doily Necklace
Leather Wrap Around Bracelets
Where is My Key?
Cute as a Button Clasp
Rebel Bangle
Solderable Accents
Decorative Rivets
Words on Leather
Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
Birds, Flowers, and More
Best Bangles Ever
Buttons for Your Cardi
Sunburst Necklace
Soldered Folded Flower
Cocktail Ring Beaducation Style
Infinity Heart Bracelet
Love Birds
The banner says it ALL
Bunting Necklace
Crystal Snap Rivets
Snap Rivets
Simple Riveted Pendants
Keepsake Place Card
Riveted Wings
Words of Wisdom Bracelet
Wedding Pearls
Dream Bangle
Got School Spirit?
Pink Leather Garden Bracelet
Time Traveler
Lil' Fun Flags
Nature Name Tag
Dahlia Garden
Folded Flower Bouquet
Flower Power
Birds on a Wire
Bird's Nest
Personalized Golf Markers
Rockstar Gift
Bestest Daddy
The Classic
We love nature
Fancy Border Stamps
Oak Branch Pendant
Tiny Flower Initial Pendant
Family Pendant
Riveted Pendants
Birthday Pendant
Spiral Pendant
Stamped Band Ring
Stamped Swivel Pendant
Pendant with Soldered Ring