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Beautiful Stormy Weather

This necklace is an amazing project! You will be stamping up a storm and attaching everything together with hex nuts and bolts. The final details come with attaching chain, and Swarovski Channels from the clouds to make this stunning pendant "rain".

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Take the thought bubble blanks and cut off the triangle part to create a cloud.
  2. Stamp and apply patterns to all the clouds. Try repeating design stamps, and transferring pattern from our decorative brass sheet onto the blanks. Check out instructions in the product notes in our patterned brass sheet.
  3. Lay out your blanks to map out the design. Once the design is perfected, punch holes through the layers to connect all the pieces together most efficiently. We used a total of five connections. To give the piece added dimension and depth, layer in the tiny hex bolt washers between the blanks.
  4. Choose a cloud on the bottom section and punch holes in it for the jump rings to dangle chain off of. At the other end of the chain, add crystal charms with more jump rings.
  5. We used a locking ring to finish the piece. It is important to pick a jump ring (or two) that is substantial enough to hold the piece on a chain.
  6. Add connectors to the ball chain and attach a clasp. Viola!

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