DIY Designs ยป The Ultimate Stamped and Stacked Necklace

Beaducation Original Letter Sets
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These stamps are tool hardened to last a lifetime.
These letters are engraved rather than pressed into a die and as a result they are very precise and sharp. This is the highest-quality lower case letter set in production.

The Ultimate Stamped and Stacked Necklace

This necklace demonstrates how high you can stack blanks to fit in all your favorite people. Whether you are a family gal trying to fit in all the names of your children and grandbabies, or just wanting to wear a stamped collection of your favorite peeps; this necklace shows how far you can take it! The font size used in this picture is 3.2mm; simply use a smaller font if you want to fit more names. The alternate picture shows a variation with a Swarovski Crystal Channel instead of the top "Shakira" stamped blank.

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