DIY Designs ยป Scalloped Double Sided Necklace

Single Clad Blanks
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These are 18 gauge so you can stamp on both sides!
Silver Clad is a thick layer of .925 Sterling Silver mechanically bonded to one side of a copper blank.

Scalloped Double Sided Necklace
Do you like a simple look with a bit of variation? We love how this necklace can be silver OR copper by just flipping it one way or the other. This scalloped necklace is easy to make as you just have to cut our 1" single clad circle blank in half, and BAM, you now have two blanks for the price of one! It only takes 5 circle blanks to make this necklace and only 1 to create the earrings. Single clad lets you wear copper when you are feeling a warmer look and silver when you crave something cool.
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