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Where is My Key?

Sure, you can use our blanks and charms in a traditional fashion...but why not mix it up a bit! We added a curve to our normally straight key, added a bunch of texture and movement with more Charms and Locking Jump Rings, attached it to Leather and we have a bracelet that changes the the concept of a charm bracelet into something new. Try one on and you will be inspired to make more!

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Punch a hole on the top and bottom of you key using the 1.8 Hole Punch Pliers and add the curve to the key with the Bracelet Bending Pliers. Stamp your pattern onto the bird blank and add jump rings to all of your charms.
  2. After watching the Locking Rings Product Video add each of your charms to one of the Locking Jump Rings (double up on one of them if you like) and lock them onto the key.
  3. Measure out about 15 inches of Leather. Feed each end thru the side by side holes on the top of the key. Pull ends til they are even and feed one end thru the top punched hole. Now grab both ends pull the cord thru the top of the loop. Put aside. Attach jump rings to the bottom of the key and hook the Lobster clasp with its jump ring attached to it as well. This allows you to adjust the amount of leather you really need. Loop both ends of the leather thru the last jump ring attached to the Lobster Clasp. Use the Artistic Wire to close off the ends of the leather and trim off excess with your cutters.

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