Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Stamp your collage on the circle blank and your designs on the petals of the flower. Next, dap the center blank using the Dapping Block.
  2. Solder your blanks together. Clean your soldered piece using Sparex Pickling Compound.
  3. Use the Medium Wrap and Tap Pliers to create loops with 14g Fine Silver Wire. Fuse the loops creating a chain. Add texture to the chain by using a Fretz Texturing Hammer.
  4. Wire wrap all of your crystals onto the headpins and add them to the jump ring that is connecting your soldered pendant to the fused chains. Oxidize and polish.
  5. Add your chain by looping one ball chain through the first fused loop. Remove clasp from the chain and reconnect it to both ends of the chain using a jump ring. Loop the second ball chain through the last fused loop. Jump ring the ends together leaving the clasp on.
Birds, Flowers, and More
We have so many great design stamps, and blanks that sometimes you can't narrow it down! Create a little collage or scene with all of your favorites. Layer a few soldered blanks and add a couple crystals in your favorite colors...that way you can use everything you love all in one necklace. This is an advanced project.
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