Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Begin by cleaning all of your blanks. Solder the MOM and flowers in the center of the banner. You want to use a Hard Solder. Check out this great tutorial before you start!
  2. Using the Tube Cutting Pliers to hold the tube. Brace the end of the pliers against your work surface and begin to saw 2 -1/8 inch lengths of copper tube. The tube must be smaller than the height of the banner. Check out this great tutorial before you start!
  3. Using the Soft Solder Paste, solder on the two tiny pieces of tube to the back of the banner directly behind the space between the flower and the m's. Doing so ensures there will be enough space to fold your banner. After soldering everything together clean off fire scale with the Penny Brite and rinse thoroughly.
  4. Cut two 2 inch pieces of fine silver wire. Form a balled headpin with a 1/8 inch ball. They need to be big enough to sit in the tube without sliding through the other end. Check out this great tutorial before you start! Slide through the tube and wire wrap the tops, connecting the ends of the chain in each loop.
  5. Holding your Round Nose Pliers right at the end of the flower, bend the banner away from you and around the round of the pliers. Next, using your Chain Nose Pliers fold the banner back towards the outside of the banner. Imagine how a ribbon folds in layers and try to mimic the folds. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Oxidize your new pendant with Silver Black. Have you watched this great tutorial ? Polish. This video for great tips too!
  7. Cut the chain at the half way point, so there are equal lengths on both sides. Add your jump rings and your clasp.
Mom Banner

Our version of the "MOM" tattoo. Solder some charms or letters to one of our banners, give it a couple of folds, and you have a great pendant.

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