DIY Designs ยป Happy Holidays Ornament

Setting up your Saw Frame
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Saw through metal with ease.
Using the saw frame and blades is an indispensable technique. Saw shapes from metal sheet or jumprings from wire coils.
Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Using a Sharpie Marker, draw your ornament shape onto the nickel sheet. Cut shape out using saw or shears. And file down any rough edges.
  2. Use large hole on Screw Down Hole Punch to make hang hole.
  3. Stamp your words and 2011 on your pieces. Oxidize and polish.
  4. Using the riveting system, attach the banner to the ornament. Be sure to watch our great product video for step by step instructions.
  5. Attach jump ring and pretty!

Happy Holidays Ornament
Is this classy or what? We love the clean, simple look of this ornament.
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