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Tree Ornament

Its so cute and retro looking! You gotta make one too! We used the Engraver Tool Set and rivets in a fun decorative way. Give it a try.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Draw your tree, trunk, and multiple ornaments out on the different sheets and blanks of anodized aluminum with a sharpie. You can then cut them out using the French Shears. With the tronex cutters, trim off any sharp edges that you missed.
  2. Using the bench block and plastic mallet, flatten out all the pieces you cut out. Be sure to hammer them on the back side of the metal.
  3. Engrave the saying you want on your tree and add the details to the trunk.
  4. Punch holes in the center of your ornaments and where you want them on your tree. Also you need to add a hole to the trunk and a matching whole on the tree to connect the two.
  5. Rivet all your pieces together! Punch a hole on the top for a jump ring and ribbon. You're done. You have created a custom ornament!

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