Testimonials: What People Are Saying

I have done beadwork and wirework for a number of years, but recently started learning etching, soldering, sawing, bending... and I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! The instructors do a great job as do the production crew. $$$$ worth of classes for free! And I can watch them again if I forget something. Also appreciate your design Ideas. You have done a good job at de-mystifying metal work and making it accessible to everyone.
- Lois
Lisa Niven Kelly is the best teacher ever!! You can understand every word she says, and I especially like the problem solving.i have spent some big bucks on jewelry classes and have never learned as much from them, as I have with Lisa. Thank you so much for all you have taught me.
- Joyce
I just wanted to let Beaducation know how pleased I am with your products. They come in the mail fast, ordering is easy, and customer service is wonderful when you need help. From now on I will be a life long customer. You are the best. Thank you!
- Jennifer

I am a hobbyist new to wire working. I just "discovered" your online instruction and truly appreciate the quality of the instruction and demonstrations. I have watched both the ear wire and the spiral classes and they have given me the confidence to try both. I am excited to try these skills out and design my own components. Many thanks!!!

- Marilyn

Regarding Resin Foundry by Debbi Simon - Free Online Class:  Great class! She is so soft spoken and truly full of remarkable ideas to do things! Everything is explained so clearly and effectively and I utterly enjoyed every minute! Thank you for sharing the knowledge! I hope to add some metal powder to my resin and try to enhance some of my pieces as taught in this lovely course! 10 star rating!

- Sue

WOW!!  I have just started purchasing the basics to get me started in the metal stamping.  Your website goes above and beyond.  The charts?  LOVE IT!!  And, it's free.  I am really thankful for the knowledge you share!  I can't wait to really dive into different projects.  Thank you!

- Kelli

I am so glad I found your site! I received my second shipment today. I could not be more pleased with the product quality and speedy shipping. Your online guides, classes, and charts are a life saver. I won't be shopping anywhere else for my stamping blanks,again.


- Jamie
I want to commend you on a great website. The tutorials are wonderful. I used to do beading and moved away from it for the past several years. Since finding your tutorials I am newly inspired and creating again.
- Suzie
I have been into beading for almost 20 years now (I started very young!) and it's the first time I found a website that is able to teach me new things!
- Laura
As an international customer, I can definitely recommend the service, products and customer service from Beaducation. I had lots of questions and Lora was so helpful. If anyone is worried about ordering from abroad the team at Beaducation will put your mind at rest. really looking forward to getting my products!
- Shilpa
I absolutely love the online classes! I just ordered and watched the Full Persian Chain Online Class with Colin Mahler and, as usual, I wasn't disappointed. Colin is a great teacher; she's so easy to follow along with. The great thing about the online classes is you can always go back and re-watch them, even in your pj's! I'm looking forward to ordering more classes to learn additional chainmail techniques for beautiful jewelry I can make myself.
- Shari
I bought my first letter and stamping set from you about 2 years ago and have been a very regular customer since - I applaud you for your tremendous customer service, fast shipping, and quality products!! Thanks again!
- Sarah
Thanks sooooo much. Beaducation support never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for doing above and beyond, like always.
- Janelle
Just want to give a huge thanks to all of you at Beaducation! what a wonderful website! I come to you for ALL of my metal stamping questions,supplies and inspiration. I am never disappointed! thanks again!
- Mandy
THANK YOU for superfast shipping, greatly packed goods and very fine products!! Kindest regards.
- Tina
I'm just beginning with stamping. I love your online store and all of the tips and classes you offer. It is very comprehensive site I have ever dealt with. You all rock. I'd apply for a position if I lived in your neck of the woods. I'll keep shopping here and tell people about it.
- Jill
Awesome, thank you.Your stamps etc have made my pieces so unique. Helping my business grow and making what I do so fulfilling. Also, Lisa's book is awesome. It's so hard to find metal stamping books (that are up to date). Keep up the good work girls!!!!
- Cindy
Thanks so much for your speedy response, I really appreciate it. I'm glad I found you too! I LOVE your stamps (especially those cool border stamps) and am totally hooked on making stamped metal jewelry, now if I just had some more spare time to do it! Thanks again, you will be hearing from me again soon, there are a million things on my 'Oh my gosh I need to order that' list! :)
- Jamie
I just want you guys to know that I have been so pleased with your products. I'm replacing my old metal ring mandrel with one of yours today. Your site is a valuable resource for people of all levels of expertise. I work multi-media and sell in galleries and Etsy, and I have learned great tips from your videos. Thanks for doing such a good job.
- Cody
Your site was the very first place that I started my research in order to make my very first necklace. I actually just made it for myself but it was the beginning of a business for me which enabled me to quit my job and stay home with my kids! So thank you!!
- Christine
Just watched your free instruction videos. You guys rock!!!! The first one I watched was so well done, I had to move on to the next, and the next, and the next ... well, you get my drift. I'll be back for more, only next time will be the online classes, tools, supplies, etc. After all the research and looking for online video instruction, I found none better than yours.
- Barbara
I wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate all your help and advice! I've noticed that several "sellers" are hesitant to share their knowledge and expertise as they see inquires as a potential threat to business, and I can understand, but I just want to stamp for my pleasure and to share with family and friends! Your suggestions and tips have been a huge help! Thanks so much!
- Kathi
I want you to know that I really appreciate all your wonderful kindness and service! I have dealt with many business's and organizations over the years, from various countries, and it is surprising to see just how "un-courteous" many of these places can be. So much so that it can seem at times like you are speaking with a computer, rather then a person. I just wanted to let you know that it is refreshing to deal with a "real person" such as yourself.I look forwarding to doing more business with you in the future!
- Antonella
Just watched the class on Annealing Metals. What a great resource for valuable concise information for those of us with lots to learn! It was clear, informative and thorough. Thank you. I will be a frequent learner!
- Gayle
Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. I was so excited to get it I couldn't wait to open the box. Everything was what I hoped it was. Top workmanship! You will make my pieces of art look awesome! Thank you for such a speedy delivery. I look forward to ordering from you again.
- Sharon
Hi, I just finished the Annealing segment and I gotta say "Thanks very much!" I actually finished an 8 week metal smithing class at the local arts center, and I learned more on annealing from this video than I did from that class!!
- Barbara