Brass Circle with Smooth Raised Edge, Medium
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Brass Circle with Smooth Raised Edge, Medium
  • Diameter: 17.5mm (.69")
  • Stampable area: 13mm (.51")
  • Thickness: 19g
  • Pendants are oxidized
  • Large 3mm (.12") top loop to accommodate a chain

This is a Beaducation Original and you won't find it anywhere else!

To see if this blank is available in other metals, type the product's name in the search box, minus the metal, such as: Large Long Rounded Rectangle, and all of its other metals should pop right up!

For stamping instructions and tips, please check out our free class "Stamping On Metal". For some great stamping design ideas, you might like our free class "Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas".

When polished, these brass blanks look much like the color of gold. Brass can tarnish very easily, so we suggest using renaissance wax to help protect the pieces as well as storing your brass with anti-tarnish tabs. 

Artisan Series Blanks
Bring a new dimension to your designs with our Artisan Series. Each blank is individually cast resulting in a hand-wrought quality. These pieces differ from regular die cut blanks in several ways:
•    Gauge: Blanks are approximately 19-gauge thick resulting in a solid pendant that has a substantial feel to it.
•    Surface: Due to the nature of cast objects, there are slight variations in the surface of the blanks. They are not smooth like our die-cut sheet metal blanks. To restore the original shine after oxidizing, they can be polished by hand or in a tumbler after stamping.
•    Material: The copper-colored blanks are an alloy called “Red Bronze”. It is casting material made up of copper, tin, and other deoxidizing metals and is a standard in the jewelry industry. The majority of the alloy is copper and the blanks can be soldered and enameled like pure copper. The silver colored blanks are sterling silver. The gold colored blanks are brass.