Uncle/Adult Son Stick Figure Design Stamp- Beaducation Original
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  • Design measures: 5.5mm wide by 8.5mm high.
  • Made from 3/8" square heat-treated tool steel.
  • Uncle is just 1mm shorter than Dad Stick Figure.
  • Uncle might be a good Dad if your Dad is shorter than Mom.
  • He makes a great Adult son too!
  • Beaducation Original Design
  • Made in the USA 
  • Arrive coated in oil to prevent rusting. 
  • Wipe oil away with paper towel. Do not use water.

Design Stamps are a bit tricky. I highly recommend you practice on some cheaper metal before diving into your Sterling Silver or Gold Filled. Click here to purchase a piece of copper sheet for practicing.

For best results with Design Stamps, make sure there is NO padding under your Bench Block, make sure you are working on a stable table, and use a utility hammer (nail pounding hammer) which weighs at least 16 ounces. Feel free to hit the stamp more than once, but hold that stamp steady, making sure you don't shift at all between hits. The more confident you are with the hammer and the strength behind it, the better your impression will be.

Tips for Using Design Stamps
{Click here to download} (PDF, 1.2MB)