Script Monogram Uppercase Letter Stamp Set (8mm)
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Size(7mm x 9.5mm)
Stamps IncludedFull alphabet. The period can be purchased separately. The'&' symbol can be purchased separately.
Orientation MarksPrinted letter on each side for easy identification as well as the mm measurements.
MaterialTool hardened steel. Can be used on stainless steel!
OriginMade in China.
Stamping NotesEngraved letters.
Packaging NotesWill arrive packaged in bubble paper. We include a free wooden design stamp holder to put your stamp in.

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  • This is not a Beaducation Original Stamp Set. 
  • These letters were created to vary in size like true cursive handwriting. 
  • The 'M' is 9mm x 9.75mm whereas the 'J' is 8mm x 7mm. 
  • We have included an Extra Large Design Stamp Holder for you to place your Monogram Stamps in. 

As I tested these letters, I noticed I needed to hit the stamp a few times.  These are pretty big letters so to ensure that you impress the whole letter, I recommend using the Tilt n' Tap method.

These stamps come packed with a light coat of oil to prevent rusting. When you first open them, have a few paper towels handy and just wipe them all clean (do not use any water).

As with any new stamp set or design stamp, please practice with these stamps first on some copper sheet before stamping on sterling silver.

The stamps are not marked to help with orientation. The first time I used them, I used a black permanent pen and put a dot on the side of the stamp where I should hold my thumb to ensure the letter would be facing the correct way.