Beaducation Originals

What makes Beaducation Originals so special?
  • Highest quality sets in production.
  • Engraved letter on the side of each stamp for easy identification.
  • Nickel plated to prevent rust.
  • Each stamp has been engraved perfectly for accurate and easier stamping.
  • The bottom of each stamp can be used as a spacing guide.
  • Very precise and sharp.
  • Comes with a wooden case with a home for each stamp.
  • Made in the USA.

Model Product Image Item Name Price-
DS461 Kismet Letter "Z" 7mm - Beaducation Original

Kismet Letter "Z" 7mm - Beaducation Original

Design measures: 7mm wide by 7mm high.Made from 3/8" square heat-treated tool steel. Design Stamps are a bit tricky. I highly recommend you...
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