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SOL042 Citric Acid

Citric Acid

Citric Acid Safer, gentler, biodegradable alternative to other pickles.2 lb container. 1:8 RATIO Fill your pickle pot with water, THEN add your...
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SOL016 Sparex Pickling Compound

Sparex Pickling Compound

Sparex is easy to use, long lasting and safe for all types of pickling. Comes in a 10 oz. plastic jar. Learn how to work with Sparex in a safe manner...
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SOL021 Little Dipper Pickle Pot

Little Dipper Pickle Pot

For use with Sparex pickling compound. Solution may be kept in pot when not in use. Just plug in the pot, add Sparex and water and it's ready to go....
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SOL018 Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

These wrap-around safety glasses are made of a high-impact clear material and feature distortion-free lenses. It's best to clean the lenses of these...
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