PRODUCT TIP PDF: Using Beaducation Original Letter Stamp Sets

 What makes Beaducation Original stamp sets so special?
  • Highest quality sets in production.
  • Engraved letter on the side of each stamp for easy identification.
  • Nickel plated to prevent rust.
  • Each stamp has been engraved perfectly for accurate and easier stamping.
  • The bottom of each stamp can be used as a spacing guide.
  • Comes with a wooden case with a home for each stamp.
  • Made in the USA.
The letters are engraved rather than pressed into the stamp and as a result they are very precise and sharp. You do not need to hit them as hard as you need to hit our other letter stamps.  The letters are perfectly engraved from the center of the stamp so you can use the stamp itself or the circular end of the stamp (where the letter is in the circle) as a guide for lining up your letters.   

Download the full document for more details!