PRODUCT TIP: Using the Wrench Set

The hexagonal screw and nuts are a great way to attach two pieces of metal together. They require the use of a nifty little wrench. It’s easy to do, just follow the steps below.

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step 1
Assemble the pieces that you wish to attach. Use the 1.8 mm to make a hole in each blank.
step 2
Slide the washer into the screw and insert it in the blank that sits on top. The washer is optional, but it does protect the blank from getting marked when tightening the screw.
step 3
Add the second blank and screw the nut on the end of the screw. In this view the head of the screw is on the bottom and the nut is on top.
step 4
Insert a wrench over each end, at both the head of the screw and the nut. Twist the wrenches in opposite directions at the same time to tighten.
step 5 
Don’t over tighten. The connection should be firm, but not so tight that the blanks become distorted or bowed.
step 6
After tightening, cut the remaining length of the screw away.
step 7
You may treat this as a rivet and clip it just a millimeter or two above the nut and tap it lightly with a riveting hammer to spread the metal and make it difficult for the nut to come loose.
step 8
The finished piece will be secure and ready to use.