PRODUCT TIP: Using the Jump Ring Maker

To watch our product video on how to use this tool click here.

Making your own jump rings is a pretty simple technique when you use this jump ring maker. This tutorial outlines the “how to’s” and addresses the important tips and techniques for the successful use of this tool.
  1. It is VERY important that you wear safety glasses when using this tool. Be careful of the sharp blade on this tool. The blade on this tool is sharp and very thin, and can break after repeated use. The blade will also break if dropped on the ground. Using safety glasses is smart and safe.
  2. Making jump rings requires two tools, the Jump Ring Maker and Foredom Flex Shaft. The Flex Shaft also requires the Flex Shaft Hanger (sold separately).
  3. We recommend using copper wire to make a few sets of practice jump rings, then graduating to more expensive wire like sterling silver and gold-filled.
  4. This tool does take practice. Focus all of your attention on your project when working with this tool.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your Jump Ring Maker is oriented with the coiler to the right and the jump ring holder in the wooden base to the left. The holder should be situated so that the metal stopper inside the holder is to the right. This orientation must be correct or the blade will not be rotating in the proper direction. You want to make sure that the teeth of the blade are rotating TOWARDS the coil to be cut.
  6. The directions that come with the Jump Ring Maker have the holder and  blade oriented the opposite direction. Whichever directions you follow just make sure that you are consistent with your cutting direction and blade orientation.

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Cut Lube »

step 1
Attach the winder to the wooden base that comes with the set. There are pre-drilled holes that line up on the tool and wooden block. Screw the winder firmly to the base. This step secures the winder and makes it easy to wind the jump ring coils. The winder is on the right hand side of the holder.
step 2
Insert the desired mandrel into the chuck of the winder.  Unscrew the chuck, insert the mandrel and tighten.
step 3
Insert the desired wire gauge into the hole in the mandrel. The three smallest mandrels do not have a hole. In this case, just insert the wire into the chuck.
step 4
Turn the handle and wind the wire onto the mandrel.
step 5
For the most consistent jumprings, wrap the wire tightly and consistently.
step 6
To remove the wire coil from the mandrel, clip the wire at the hole.
step 7
For ease of cutting add a lubricant like “Cut Lube”. Run the coil along the top of the cut lube.
step 8
Place the coil in the holder. Push the coil all the way to the stopper so the coil does not shift during cutting.

Do not tighten the top down too much. Just so it is holding the rings in place. Over tightening will result in poorly cut rings.
step 9
There is a saw blade holder that comes with the tool. Unscrew the top of the holder and insert the blade. Make sure the blade is facing up with the writing on the blade facing up.
step 10
Tighten the screw to secure the blade.
step 11
First slide on the blade guard that comes with the tool over the hand piece of the Foredom Flex Shaft, then insert the blade into the hand piece of the flex shaft.
step 12
Tighten the blade using the chuck key that comes with the Foredom set.
step 13
Slide the blade guard up and over the blade. Take care to line up the blade with the mark on the handpiece.
step 14
Tighten the blade guard to the handpiece by tightening the screws in the back.
step 15
Put on your Safety Glasses!
step 16
Insert the blade into the grove. Step on the foot pedal of the Foredom to get the blade rotating quickly.
Remember that the ring holder is placed in the wooden base with the stopper placed to the right. You insert the blade into the left and push to the right to cut the rings.
step 17
This view shows the coil of wire  secured in the holder.
step 18
Pull the cutter across the coil of rings, maintaining contact with the coil and blade. Do not slow the motor down when you begin to cut, just pull the cutter over the rings while it sits in the grove of the holder.
step 19
After the rings are cut remove foot from pedal to stop the motor. Let the motor come to a complete stop before removing it from the holder. Open the screws on the holder and you will see your cut jumprings.