1 lb Brass Head Mallet
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This hammer features a solid brass, one pound head.† A brass hammer of this size is perfect for hammering ferrous or non-ferrous metals, and is excellent for stamping and dapping.† The heavy brass head gives the user a nice "dead blow" (less bounce) which assures better performance when dapping or stamping.

We also carry this hammer in a 2lb size, which works really well on those detailed design stamps.

If you are having troubles with stamping, this is the hammer for you. It works especially well with the design stamps. Try standing up and give it one (or a few) strong whacks with this hammer,and you will be lookin' good! The head of this hammer will get a bit dinged up as you stamp with it....that is ok, it will still function just fine.

The 'give' or slight softness of the face of the mallet is what allows for an even blow no matter where you are hitting the stamp against the face of the hammer. This is what makes these brass head mallets a little different from other hammers and perfect for stamping. †

If you experience flaking from your mallet, donít worry about it. Your mallet is tough! These are warrior wounds showing what a tough stamper you really are!

It's always great to wear goggles or protective eye wear when hammering or using other tools.


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