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Butane Torch Safety
Instructor: Joe Silvera
Technique(s): Metalwork
Level: All Levels
Before you spark your butane torch watch this class with instructor Joe Silvera. Learn to ignite the torch, understand the flame, and refill your torch with ease. At the end of the class, you’ll know the ins and outs of handling your torch safely and with confidence.

This class has a run time of 21 minutes.
Tools And Materials
  • Set up in an open room with ventilation near a window
  • Protect your floor by covering it with an office mat or a carpet remnant
  • Table top covering such as; ceramic floor tiles, steel sheet metal or tile backer board
  • Wear natural fiber clothing and apron
  • Hair rubberband and bobby pins to pull back long hair, including bangs
  • Adjustable height office chair
  • Butane Torch
  • Premium quality refined butane fuel
  • Safety Glasses - or prescription safety glasses
  • Fire extinguisher