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Beaducation Original Letter Sets
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These stamps are tool hardened to last a lifetime.
These letters are engraved rather than pressed into a die and as a result they are very precise and sharp. This is the highest-quality lower case letter set in production.

Circle of Life Links
This necklace is a beautiful way show off your family. You can make this necklace as short or as long as you like (depending on the size of your family circle). With our Introduction to Fine Silver Fusing Class, we made our fused chain links using the Wubber Pliers and stamped the names with a Beaducation Original Kismet Letter Set into our various Washers. Feel free to create a chain naming your closest friends, loved ones or even simply stamping it with designs. We love how this Design Idea allows you to bring your loved ones with you, wherever you go!
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