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Stamping on a Swivel Pendant
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Learn to stamp on this 4 sided pendant
Watch as Kate shows you how to stamp on the Swivel Four Sided Pendant.

Stamped Swivel Pendant
Stamp all four sides of this Beaducation Orginal swivel pendant. Personalize it with names, dates or special sentiments. We recommend a letter set that is 3/32" or smaller, that way the letters have a little wiggle room and are framed beautifully within the pendant.
Tools And Materials
  • Beginning Stamping Checklist
  • Choose a favorite font from our selection of letter sets. Use 3/32" or smaller.
  • You can try a larger letter set, (1/8") but make sure your stamping is pristine. If you are off just a little, the letter will be partially off the pendant as well. A larger set can warp the pendant because it takes a bit more muscle to make the mark.

Techniques Used